• Independent & Objective Financial Guidance 
  • Personalized Financial Analysis 
  • Preparation of Long Term Strategies

Investment Processes

The Focus of this firm is to provide our clients with independent and objective financial guidance based upon the client’s conceptual needs and goals. These types of clients include corporate retirement and pension plans, personal and rollover IRA’s, estate and grantor living trusts, and individual portfolios.

Conference & Discovery

  • In cooperation with the client, and consulting with other professional resources as required, Asset Advisory Group, Inc. endeavors to:
  • Evaluate the client’s current financial status, establish their risk-reward tolerance, develop a grasp of client’s near and long term goals
  • Asset Advisory Group, Inc. thoroughly evaluates these objectives, prioritizes the client’s efforts and resources toward formulating an effective investment strategy for the benefit of the client.

Selection of Resources

  • Investments are selected from a vast universe of appropriate vehicles. The process of investment selection combines comparison of past performance and projected results in light of the proposed portfolio objectives and the client’s consent.
  • Investment vehicles may include equities, government and corporate bonds, mutual funds of all types, money market accounts, insurance, annuities, and independent money management.


  • Clients may use Asset Advisory Group’s available business services and resources or their pre-existing relationships to execute the mutually agreed upon investment strategies and design.

Schedule of Fees

  • Initial  consultation is complimentary.
  • Hourly fees are available or retainer basis for performing portfolio planning concepts,  creating individual simulated portfolios, or independent annual reviews.
  • Active management fees are based upon a percentage of total assets under management, usually starting around .005-.01% of assets under management up to $1,000,000.00, declining thereafter.
  • Transaction charges are not included.  These specific costs are provided under full disclosure documents upon request.